art is bleeding

art is bleeding, poetry can’t pay bills

Gonna make a formal post about this even though I know I’ve already written this in Dramafeste’17.

Original response : Art is like bleeding. You face a canvas, a blank canvas, and you just bleed into it with your emotions. You let those feelings run and fill up that canvas. You just bleed, as if your life is flowing out of the many orifices of your body out into your masterpiece. This is your masterpiece, but everyone just walks by and comments “Nice” and gives it a like, and goes on with their plebeian lives, when what you wanted was to convey a message, in hopes of appealing to an audience of higher intellect, but to no avail, you are the only one, no one understands you. You fall into a state of schizophrenia, talking to yourself about your own art, explaining to an unreal, imaginary audience. How complex it is, the mind of an artist, yet we shun them, deeming them crazy, and mentally unsound.

A few days ago, kids were discussing about music tastes, and I learn a lot of new vocabulary that may or may not be relevant to me in the long run, but ok there’s no harm in learning more things I guess 🙂

So we have a few Chainsmokers fans and as usual some people were spamming lyrics from like Paris, Something Just Like This. I’m not personally a fan of them, but OK I really didn’t know that I could elicit such strong responses from both spectra. We have the fanbase that defended them, and then there’s the other party that’s talking about how Chainsmokers is very “sellout” – which I believe means to change their original (music) style to fit that of the masses so that they can become more famous / earn more money, prétendant que Chainsmokers only became famous after Roses (which i personally have not heard of — I knew Chainsmokers ‘cos of the Selfie song, and then somehow revived with Closer) but ok whatever.

Then we went into a deep discussion about deviation from personal style to fit the masses, to do something completely different from your own methods / style, something that doesn’t fit your personal voice to get recognition, fame.

(ok i don’t like this new wordpress editor layout like the typing space in on the left urgh isn’t it scientifically proven that our eyes follow the right column first -_- or wait, what if it’s because that this scientific theory was published and we all somehow just succumbed to it ok i need to stop digressing)

Let me attempt to summarise the heated discussion:

Some of us believed that it’s perfectly fine to do what we like while making money, ‘cos honestly “they earn money can liao what” which is true, in a pragmatic sense. I mean if you keep making music that nobody likes, you’re sooner or later going to disappear in the depths of the music industry never to be heard ever again / never to resurface. So this side of the spectrum thinks it’s ok.

The other group felt that “if u make music to earn money thats so wrong and there’s like a million other ways to make more money with 10x less effort”, and some of them feel that “music should have soul, like making music you personally care for rather than doing it for the masses” and that music should be expression of one’s self. Going on and on about how the current people who claim to be ‘fans of EDM’ don’t even know what true EDM is.

I’m sorry this was just really hilarious.

But this just proves the point that Art is bleeding and Poetry can’t pay bills. I mean just look at how people shift their focus from their own personal voice to achieve the demands of the world, even if it means making themselves do something that is completely different from their style. Even sometimes when I’m drawing for someone else, I have to think about what they person likes, put together their demands, even though I know that I would’ve perhaps liked it if it wasn’t as what I had drawn, since I’d usually have another idea of how it would’ve gone sans restrictions. But still, at least we are doing something that we like. It doesn’t really matter if it isn’t our style isn’t it, if we can make something out of it, while still doing something we like, then it isn’t all too bad is it ?


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