find or earn ? 

Do we find our own opportunities to prestige or do we earn it. opportunities are given out, and we are expected to grab them, but some people prefer to just let it slide, and prefer to be given the honour. They prefer to be selected for such things, rather than actively find such opportunities. Some people feel that, oh if I find the prestige, opportunity, then it doesn’t feel as gratifying. But if it is given to me, I feel much better, like I actually earned it due to my abilities.

ok, we give AND take

Opportunities don’t always come, I was really just fortunate to have become lead drummer since S1 simply because there was no drummer — or there was, but that one alway pon then JL not happy — so assumed the role of drummer, appearing during the EOY holidays to train under JL for 3 cca sessions before realising that they needed SOMEONE to perform for 2013 CNY. And I was like, that sounds like a job for me. JL was like, “are you up for it” and I obviously couldn’t turn down this offer.

Then again, when it comes to leadership positions, I’ve never really taken the initiative to seek out leadership opportunities, simply because I was just waiting for people to give them to me. Like perhaps I was happy with the PLC system, that I was chosen to be in the PLC’14 due to whatever reasons, and whether I enjoyed my time there was a separate case, since I’m already out of it, I shall not talk about it. And the five subject representatives that I was in HS, oh blimey I sought out only bio, the rest were chosen because the ‘chers were like ok how about you be my subject rep, and I was like sure OK, NO PROBS, then Mr Lim was trying to fill up the leadership list and was like “ok who is ___ rep, don’t tell me Ryan again” and I’m like OK how about I tell you which ones I’M NOT.

Then now in JC, I’m legit just a mathematics rep, proudly claim that I’m perhaps well-liked by all, and unofficial official French rep, which everyone likes (i guess). And this voting thing, is like the vast majority would vote for their friend, unless you know that your friend is absolutely hopeless at leadership, then again, most people are self-aware to apply for a leadership position if they are compétent.

I do agree however that earning prestige and position is more satisfying, but there are opportunities that people like me do miss, and once given they’ll never come back, so yeah.

I’m like unofficially leading so many things, but well, if it’s unrecognised, then they are useless, right ?


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  1. yc · May 5, 2017

    nuuuu I believe that there’s always meaning and purpose of leading something that has personal significance for you, even if it’s borne out of circumstances that do not fall within your control (e.g. PW). you are very competent! pls always believe in yourself x (because I, and a lot of others, believe in you).


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