à quoi croyez-vous?

Recently 大伯公 left the surface of this world, perhaps to somewhere better. But I was just sitting there during the wake and heard some very interesting conversations, which led me to think about what really is this idea of religion, and beliefs that we think of and believe in.

context : evangelists that are annoying

so 大伯公 isn’t Christian, but apparently the whole generation below him, sauf one or two who are not. Naturally, to respect his faith, his wake / funeral procedures were to follow the Buddhist law. But in the process of thinking about his urn, the kids want to put a cross on it. Which like doesn’t make sense, like you are imposing your religion and belief on a person who has already – like honestly, why ? and during the proceedings, they all don’t take the incense, claiming to be against their own faith.

personally, if that God was honestly so almighty, why would you see a need to feel competition ? why would the various churches preach the idea that Christianity is the right way to go, that everyone needs to follow this, or you will burn in Hell. Like it’s not fair to others who have their own faiths and religions – mutual respect please. and the idea of imposing a religion on someone else is simply unjust. i sincerely believe that such things only happen here, or maybe i just haven’t met such things overseas.

i’m not against any religion, just that such people need to stop forcing people to follow their religion – if you want, show them or something, not tell people that OH YOU NON-BELIEVER YOU WILL SURELY BURN IN HELL, or YOU ARE A GREAT SINNER, or just keep singing holy songs around people and when people ask you to stop you say “you will like and understand by following in my faith” like what even is this attitude.

religion is a sensitive issue, and people should have the right to believe in what they want, and honestly it’s a legit commitment that you should consider before throwing yourself into one — some people follow in religion to find answers to questions they cannot answer like, why did this happen ? oh ‘cos ___ god made it happen or something along these line. others seek religious healing to have a sense of relief, that hopefully someone will listen to them or something ‘cos something we want a listening ear but there isn’t so … there isn’t anything wrong in believing in a faith you connect with, but not IMPOSING and trying to hardcore INFLUENCE people into believing it.

religion is honestly 缘分

on the topic of death :


What a relief it is for the people to die
You will wonder why I sound so happy at the death of another
What an ungrateful soul I must be
Look at all those sitting there mourning
Look at all those dressed in rags
With tear-streaked faces
Kneeling before a person they never knew
Mourning over a person they always neglected
Now they cry before him
For not having done enough
As if their melancholic hearts could make up for his death
As if not doing anything but crying would bring him back
At least the dead can be relieved of these people
The ones who let them down again and again

Blessed indeed are the dead that the rain falls upon.

;the dead;

<the dead>

Blessed are the dead that the rain falls on :
They have nothing to worry, for they are dead
It is those who feel they haven’t done enough
It is those who have let them down
It is those who know they are guilty of negligence
That spend more time when they are gone
That they sit there staring at a dead body crying over what they have done
Or rather, what they haven’t done.

The living are neglected when the dead appears.
Time is wasted thinking and caring about someone that cannot be revived
The living see only mourning and sadness
Mourning over a fate that cannot be changed.

But it is with regret that I must say that you, will definitely be next.

It’s just utterly sad that some people only realise that they’ve been treating such people terribly, then regret it only on their deathbed. what a shame.



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