है क्या, क्या है, है क्या इरादा तेरा ?

It takes years to build up a reputation, but just a minute to destroy it all. Nobody remembers you for what you’ve done, but everybody will remember you for that one bad thing that you’ve done. It’s not “hey it’s that guy who donated millions of dollars to charitable organisations and even participated weekly in fundraising activities” but rather “hey it’s the guy who took 2000$ from the funds raised for his personal use”. I’m not saying that taking 2000$ from the funds raised is acceptable embezzlement, but if we were to compare that with what is happening now, where someone has been cheating a group of followers on a consistent basis and getting the same sentence as the former example. Why ?

Likewise, there are things that we do that don’t necessarily fall within our job scope. Teachers coming up with their resources on top of the school’s own ones – they aren’t really required to do that ‘cos well the school collaborates to creates resources for students, so why go through all that trouble ? The coffeeshop uncle who shouts “抄牌 抄牌” like who cares if you’re fined for parking in an illegal spot, why bother ?

You could say that everyone has an intent. The teacher wants the students to do better, by fully understanding the subject through constant practice, to put their knowledge to application. The coffeeshop uncle wants to let their customers know that they can come eat at ease, ‘cos they’ll stand vigil and watch out for those parking ticket aunties.

But it just takes one event to break all trust. The teacher doesn’t make notes for one topic and everyone goes in a large flurry, “wah that teacher damn useless sia, suddenly become damn lazy don’t want make notes”, or “that teacher doesn’t even do anything !!”. The coffeeshop uncle was doing his job by cleaning the tables and what nots, then someone’s car got caught for parking illegally and instantly blames the coffeeshop for not “taking the responsibility” of alerting customers about the aunties in white, armed with an automated fine machine.

Sometimes when we don’t do something out of our job scope, everyone suddenly assumes it’s part of our job scope and therefore something that we need to do.

There’s this quote I saw on insta that goes along the lines of “the true winners are those who win wars that nobody knows about”. But is it really true victory if no one knew about it ?


Murderers, criminals whatever, the more successful ones are those that get away either scot-free or on a very much lighter sentence. The key is concealment and knowing how to hide themselves, leaving no trace in whatever they’ve done. They don’t reuse their techniques, since other would already know about it, hence alternating them every now and them. And these people need to look convincing, trustworthy so people would belive them and be conned / murdered without leaving any trace of evidence.

Hard, but not impossible.


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