Les Aventures Françaises

Carnets de Bord


(15 NOV)

Cette année, je vais aller à Toulouse pour la programme d’immersion pour les élèves FLEP. J’ai hâte d’y aller et de recontrer avec ma famille d’accueil. Je suis toujours prêt pour la froid (la froid est pour moi la prix de la liberté). Après avoir échangé des émails avec ma famille d’accueil, elle est très sympa et je suis sûr d’avoir de bon temps là! Bien que ce soit différent que celle avec Hélène (à Brest), de différents environnements ont des expériences différentes ! Alors à bientôt!

(24 NOV)

Je suis prêt pour la France, et bon ma valise est prête pour prendre l’airbus. J’ai aussi téléchargé quelques chansons françaises et bollywood pour écouter sur l’airbus 🙂 Alors Toulouse à dimanche! J’en ai hâte 🙂

(26/27 NOV)

After a terribly long 18-hour journey to Toulouse, we are finally here. During this 18 hours we have been aimlessly wandering around the various airports and realising there is nothing to do HAHA.

My famille d’accueil (FdA) is really really nice AND they eat a lot more than I do (or maybe it’s just today) , and since angeline’s couldn’t return in time, Angeline tagged along with mine for déjeuner and evening walk 🙂 Toulouse is such a small and lovely place I love it so much. Will upload the pics when I’m back! Meanwhile just stay tuned to my snaps or insta!

(28 Nov)

First day of lessons. OK SO I though FdA was showing me how to go to school by public transport BUT when I was at the door they just said AU REVOIR BON COURAGE and I was on my way to school on my own – I had to ask my way around OMD.

But anyway, there were helpful people on the way and the bus drivers were super nice. “est-ce que ça va aller à Boulbonne” and he was like oui and he shouted “PROCHAINE ARRÊT C’EST BOULBONNE” before the stop. And I really like the public transport here cos it tells you the next stop Whew.

Realised I’m grouped in B2 with Tiff and Ange while the rest are in c1 OMD haha but OK I love lessons here. Fun and I’m actually learning things.

After which a great tour of centre-ville by foot and great photo taking. Finally bought a book yay! And finding our way back haha quite fun getting lost. Tbh Ange and I found more places while we were lost.

Oh and I couldn’t find the Bus 10 that went in the opposite direction, but I remembered that bus 22 went to Tahiti so I went on board with Ange (she takes bus 22 to Langevin) and I asked the bus driver again and he repeated the same thing as the one in the morning. I love these people they are so cute.

(29 NOV)

Lessons as usual, arrived really early to realise that the door was locked OMD then Pinar and I just waited outside and chatted a bit to realise that “c’est normal”

After that we had some Atelier about the history of Toulouse which was rather interesting although the Occitanie dialect was, to me, just a really weird mix of Italian French and Spanish said in a varying Italian Spanish accent. OK…

(30 NOV)

Lessons here are really really fun cos I mean we spend the entire time discussing stuff, and at least for my class production orale is encouraged the entire time. Even though I already know all the grammaire stuff and the exam was our Sec 2/3 grammar standard paper, it’s great to hear everybody’s opinion IN FRENCH and to add on with me own.

After lessons, THE ORIGINAL IDEA was to visit 3 églises and 2 musées BUT that’s obviously impossible considering the fact that we only had what 2.5H and with M. Quenot’s rather efficient method of treasure hunt by ONLY writing down the objects when we are standing outside the église its all the more impossible. Haha but OK it’s a really enriching trip going out with them. And today Ange and I realised we can take the métro (OK since we haven’t experienced it before we decided to take it to François Verdier where we both can take bus 22) cool.

(1 DEC)

Great day at lessons. We were still on travail but the great thing was that whole time we were discussing we suddenly entered some philosophical topic about “Les êtres humains veulent de plus en plus, est-ce bon ?” or something along these lines, we discussed for awhile and that’s what I really liked about lessons here 🙂 the best part is hearing about different cultures and also different accented French (no offence)

We covered the remainder of our plans for the afternoon only this time we decided to have lunch on our own, not a very wise idea since we technically didn’t have any plans like where to go and eat… AH WELL at least M. Quenot hopefully realised that we would actually go find out about stuff and appreciate things even without his treasure hunt, although honestly I think the treasure hunt just make us focus on finding that thing so we don’t actually learn anything.

(2 DEC)

This morning – 2°C great!! I love cold weather although yc was busy telling me to put on more layers haha. Today we got back our papers and our cher was really surprised at our results haha but I really don’t want to upgrade or downgrade cos I’m happy here. And honestly B2 is a great niveau, it’s like the useful Niveau. We were going to enter the topic on médias and we started on an article about télé-réalité where it talked about some émission whose objective was to sensibiliser le don des organes, the one in concern being the kidney. Many felt it was cynique but I think that the programme has fulfilled it’s objectives even though it’s a “canular” as it got the various patients to describe their problems and what they have to do then the téléspectateurs vote who gets the kidney – showing how the real society would’ve perhaps chosen to give a kidney to, and the reason is simply because we have an insuffisance.

Then we were on our way to the site airbus, an interesting place as we got to see all the beautiful A380s and realise that émirates apparently ordered 142 planes, each on average costing 432 million € OMD HAHA what are they even doing with so many planes. OK Carcassonne tmr super excited 🙂

(3 DEC)

Carcassonne : une belle ville des châteaux et des châteaux dans les châteaux. We spent the most amount of money there Whew! And taking all the great medieval shots!! Most importantly finally being able to try cassoulet!! And although we were hovering between choosing the best gifts to buy and the amount of time we had, I’m quite happy to say we had a great time there, and the weather was fantastic too OMD loves. Had some Vin chaud there, and when I came back I had une verre de merlot ‘cos host dad felt bad for leaving me alone for dinner while the rest of FdA dinaient with their friends. But oK apparently I finished HALF of the quiche oh dear, I wouldn’t have stopped if my host mum didn’t tell me they’d have it for breakfast the next day. But ok GREAT AND LOVELY Day. I sent bro the post card from here cos I guess Carcassonne just gave me the idea that even if you want to protect something you so dearly have yet it is still taken over, at least people will remember you for your efforts, SOMETIMES.

(4 DEC)

FdA wasn’t free to bring me out so Carla, Kar Mun et Moi decided to just meet at 9 to walk around and explore toulouse by foot. On avait décidé de visiter les différents jardins comme jardins des plantes, grand rond, jardin royal, mais ils étaient tous fermés à cause du vent, quelle dommage. Et donc, puisqu’il était trop tôt, on a marché de jardin des plantes au Muséum Toulouse mais il a été encore fermé. Au moins il comprend une partie de jardin des plantes, où on a pris de jolis photos (les photos esthetiques) là en attendant que le musée ouverte.

Ce musée est trop grand, on a passé environ 2 heures ici, on peut passer plus de temps mais on avait voulu visiter le quai de Savoirs, qui est juste à côté, avant le déjeuner. Malheureusement à quai de Savoirs il n’y avait qu’un petit exposition aéronautique. Puis, on est allé à Jean Jaurès à pied où on a enfin mangé dans un restaurant français ! Les plats comprennent un filet de bœuf, magret de canard et une pizza. Les portions sont grands mais c’était le repas le plus satisfaisant qu’on a pris ici à Toulouse. OMD, sauf les chauffages, tous étaient bien. Après avoir eu un bon déjeuner, on continuait d’aller à Médiathèque José Cabanis, qui était très grand, mais je ne peux pas trouver des sources / informations pour mon Coursework 😦 quelle dommage. Mais cette journée était bien passéé quand même.

(5 DEC)

So apparently Angeline is joining our class for the rest of the week haha and we have therefore 2 new additions to our class, Ange and Ignacia (from Chile) and sadly Victoria (the kind lady from Ukraine) is on vacances so bye 😦

This week we are starting on Subjonctif omd terrible terrible, and I realised that there are so many things I still don’t know although I thought we sorta mastered this mode haha. And I thought I was gonna get bored when we started on our new theme of Discrimination this week but surprisingly it was really fun. I guess it’s because we have a wide diversity of nationalities in our class and people of different ages and professions, so they share their experiences in each of the various sectors which is lovely. Some of them have children and this just adds on to the fun.

So we finally got to go to Veolia, the water treatment area which was really really interesting, just that perhaps the woman could’ve talked more about the science behind, but then again not all of us were interested in such things… Alright.. OK at least I know the difference in water treatment systems between toulouse and Singapore 🙂

Carla and I had to do this for our “project” so HAHA OMD and Carla was like “Gosh Seow why did you choose choose this topic, I need to need to brave through the stench to get pics” and she’s not wrong actually ‘cos it stank of shit OMD imagine the water that comes from the garonne and from all the toilets mixed together URGH GROSS and quenot was constantly making us stay in to get pics of us OMD

(6 DEC)

Full day lessons, today we had a lot of fun as usual in class, and discussing about the mots polysémique and their difference in usage in the indicatif and the subjonctif my brain was going to explode omd. And as always we had a great and lively discussion throughout the rest of the day.

2nd part of the lesson was on l’aéronautique and the various different nouvelles technologies which was really really interesting although I’m not really that fascinated by planes, but yes it was great. The best part was ‘cos Marie led the lesson, so she continued her discussion-styled lesson, which I really liked.

(7 DEC)

Fun lessons in the morning as usual, just that Quenot sat in with ours and OMD HAHAH it was so hilarious. Everyone just stared at him like he was some alien when he introduced himself. Sometimes I think he’s just socially awkward but that’s OK. I think he needs to perhaps change his facial expression sometimes ‘cos he honestly looked like he was despising every single soul in our class HAHA. That was so funny, and he wrote down on a piece of paper in his comic-like handwriting my pronunciation errors and raised them up like those people protesting in the streets to let me see. HAHAHAH And Mike decided to just let him know that we are intelligent kids after lessons. Thanks Mike t’es gentil.

While at déjeuner, M. Quenot looked at us eating and was like “Vous êtes prêts pour vos petits sondages??? Avez-vous préparé des questions????” and since no one answered and I felt bad that he was talking to bricks I just told him On va penser en le moment which idk was correct french but OK.

We (Carla, KM, Ange, Jean, and I) decided to go to the various Jardins to check them out since they were closed the other day à cause de météo and also because they were really nice and prolly would have great people to ask. We entered Grand Rond and saw no one and went up the really step bridge to take pics and ask people for sondage in Jardin Royal it really looked very nice, following which we proceeded to Jardin des Plantes (which imo is a really cute name hahaha). At these Jardins I had a lot of fun asking people questions honestly. There was this really cute old lady who upon my request was like “Tu veux t’asseoir? Vas-y, Vas-y!!” then she proceeded to start talking about EVERYTHING for 20 minutes straight, without me even prompting, but she was able to answer most of my questions anyway so yay!

And honestly, I think it’s a general French thing that when they ask a foreigner where they are from, they would reply with the “Oh I have a (insert relative) who is studying / working / living there” which is quite hilarious that they ALL USE THE SAME RESPONSE, although it might be true. But yes a very productive afternoon, followed by a great walk to centreville. And that night we decided to walk with KM to Pont Neuf as her house is like there. And OMD it looks so good at night.

(8 DEC)

I was really looking forward to Cité de L’Espace ‘cos my FdA was talking so much about it it just raised my expectations so high, but when we reached it came crashing down. OK and on the way there it was really really really funny, not to be disrespectful or anything, but the guide who brought us there was really really cute. Firstly, we all thought we were gonna get lost ‘cos we almost got off at the wrong stop ‘cos she read the stop Cité de L’Hers as the correct one. OK and when we were there she just told us we were libre which was great.

During the visit, we managed to pass some time in the Planétarium, which honestly I felt was a waste of time although it was quite interesting. And then exploring the Station Mir, and realising that perhaps astronaut life was not suited for me. OMD and we went to some place that had info about the Earth and its evolution, followed by a quiz, which we decided to just be in the same team. AND ALTHOUGH there weren’t any other teams and we got like 5900 points compared to other teams (OK there was another one who came but that was quite late and they had like 300 points) HAHAH we were obviously gonna in, and then the guide decided to take a really hilarious photo of us since we were the winners !! yayayay!!!

Following which we realised that there was apparently a really interesting exposition there which we didn’t explore. Time check : we had 15 minutes left before the place closes. OK WE HONESTLY NEEDED TO SPEND MORE TIME THERE. But I was really happy to have bought nice stuff in the shop 🙂

After this, the profs decided to treat us to coffee at Le Florida which was really cute and posh and nice. And we sat there discussing everything about the trip an dour general feedback, and our various travels and the funny stories throughout the trip. Gosh we should do French Day Spectacle about this again.

(9 DEC)

Morning lessons whee, it was really sad that today was our last lesson 😦 I took the time I had last night to write different notes to our different classmates and our prof, both ange and tiff were like “What even Seow why you spoil market and make us look bad”, ah well, you could’ve done it too you know. And it was so nice of Raffaela and Aluska to get Godiva chocs for us 😦 I’m gonna miss my class so much. I feel more attached to them really, ‘cos we spent so much time discussing and talking to each other, you know ‘cos our common language is French, and that really forced us to speak it, instead of a familiar language.

After taking our pictures and exchanging Facebook, Instagram accounts, we departed and that was really sad 😥 They had this mini-fête for us and after lunch, since we had until 1515 to assemble, we decided to take a quick walk to Capitole to get books from Ombres Blanches, and I didn’t get anything oops 😦 And on the way back we had some of the really good waffles which I really really miss now 😦

Then we began our long journey to La Dépêche and I think we understand how journalists work and also how the printing works, so we fascinated ourselves with coming up with a Hollywood script in the printing area. ‘Cos it was the perfect hollywood fighting scene in those factories, with the large rolls of paper (weighing around 1,2 tonnes) for newspapers and they were really fun I wanted to hug one and roll one home. And they sorta only cost 400€ which is really cheap for that much paper actually (right???). It was a great experience, despite it being disastrously hot in that place, I don’t understand how people can wear their jackets in these areas.

We took really long to get back, Ange and I could only get to L’Occitane to get stuff, ‘cos they had the really good Christmas deals oh no :”(

(10 DEC)

The last saturday together 😥

KM, Carla, Ange and I set off at 9am to walk around. I decided to not bring my jacket out today even though the forecast said what 0°C to 8°C and neither did I bring my bag out. Whew, the weather was fraîche and lovely.

We went shopping at Marché Victor Hugo where we got to see a lot of cool things. Honestly the French wet market is really really cool, it’s like the olden days wet market, and with all the different exotic things. We wanted to get things to eat, and KM and I got boeuf and poulet from this store, but we didn’t realise it was gonna be cold, AND THE WOMAN HAD NO MICROWAVE hahaha omd we had to eat it cold. We went to another store that had a microwave, oh loves, we got another portion of beef to gobble, that was hot. OH and at first since we didn’t have forchettes we went around hunting for food tasting and got the forks from there whew! OK then we realised we prolly can’t get our lunch from there.


I finally managed to get Moutarde and Madeleines for the Singaporean humans since they don’t know what good pastry is HHHAHA ok I feel like the typical parisian who looks down on everyone that isn’t french.

We walked with Carla back near her house (near Canal du Midi) which was a great tiring walk but yes it was worth the walk, CdM was really really nice.

Then I had to leave soon after going shopping at St Georges ‘cos I thought we were going to get ingredients for my cooking tmr. Apparently they already got it oops. Ah well, then I had to pack my luggage then. (oops carla forgot to return me my weighing thing)

(11 DEC)

The beginning of my cooking adventures. EVERY single time, I was reminded that I had to cook for 6 people. AND I realised that she got Chicken Breast oops, idk how to cook soup with that, but I’ll make do.

I can say that after waiting and cooking, it was a really great experience cooking with things I didn’t know, and trying to make a plat out of it. OMD Idk if they were jut being nice, ‘cos they were like c’est parfait ça … omd ok and I’m really gonna miss champagne and red wine with every meal, cheese and baguette with every meal, 2 servings of appetiser, more than 3 servings of main course, and 2 servings of dessert. I feel like a glutton omd

And then it was time for us to fly 😥 I was dropped off at the Blagnac Toulouse Aéroport and walked up to find where to go myself and yah.

We almost missed out flight from Paris to Singapore, ‘cos the Toulouse flight landed exactly at 2005 the boarding time for our Paris to SG flight. OMD AND WE RAN TO THE GATE saw that there was still a queue and so some of the girls decided to go to the toilet. OMD THE MOMENT THEY WENT, the PA System started blaring LAST CALL LAST CALL TO SINGAPORE, they didn’t even bother saying it in French anymore ‘cos I guess they were fed up with us. OMD and then M. Quenot appears slowly from his shopping at some vending machine wondering where some girls disappeared to, realised they went to the toilet and decided to go too. OMD I was like “NOOOOOO”, he just replied with “COMMENT CA NOOO, c’est ma droit!!” then the disappeared to the toilet. I was just like OMD as much as I wanted to stay here, missing my flight was just terrible ‘cos all my things were in my luggage OMDDDD. Fortunately Mlle Devi told us to board first and they appeared soon after. PHEW we didn’t miss our flight.

And Ok so fast forward 12 hours, we reached Singapore, the heat hit us and I started perspiring in the airport. My hair was disgusting and gosh I swear I haven’t bathed in the past 24 hours and we still went out for dinner.

But ok I’m really glad ‘cos I already adjusted to SGT, slept at 11+ and woke up at 8+/9 and yes I’m good to go.

Toulouse, tu me manques, à la prochaine fois 🙂