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l’aéroport : the congregation of zombies or people wanting to become zombies – the zombie apocalypse is already upon us, and the last place we expect is the most dangerous; the source.

l’avion : pendant le vol, we would only expect the conversion of humans into zombies – the longer the flight, the higher the success rate. There seems to be a system in place whereby we clocks hours to become successfully zombiefied.

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If you thought that a world without guys would be so much better, I urge you to reconsider. The male race is much better, much more lovable, and much kinder than you believe it to be. And I say this not because I’m a guy, but because I have had no faith in males in my life until I met a few people, who have continually persisted in changing my idea of what guys are. And I say this with all my heart.

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